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Scott Herckis - Passionate About Helping People

February 20, 2018

Scott Herckis
Scott Herckis has always had a passion for helping people. He also developed a passion for numbers at a young age and as an adult, he has combined these two loves to create his career. Scott Herckis earned his business degree with an emphasis in accounting from the University of Texas. It was here that he decided a career in financial advisement would best suit his interests. After graduating, he began work at Arthur Andersen’s Audit and Assurance Department. It was at Arthur Andersen’s that he began working primarily on large accounts. This revealed to him the gap in knowledge provided to conglomerates versus the knowledge provided to small businesses. It was in this gap that he was inspired to found SJH Financial. He is now CEO of a financial advising firm that provides small businesses with the same knowledge that is accessible to the large for their betterment.